Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in The Break Up

Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in “The Break Up” Movie 2006

In the 2006 comedy “The Break Up” one of our favorite scenes of course is this scene in which Jennifer fresh out of the shower walks into the kitchen for a drink completely naked to “tease” her former boyfriend and lover Gary (Vince Vaughn). Strolling down the hallway and into the kitchen nude, Jennifer grabs a soft drink and then slowly strolls back into the bedroom. On the way back, we get a great shot of Jennifer Aniston’s ass as she saunters back.

Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in The Break Up is Not a Double

Jennifer swears that she did not use a “body double” in this scene of Jennifer Aniston’s ass because of the way it was shot and that it was made in a way that would have been hard to use a double. We’ve often imagined what Jennifer Aniston’s ass was like and have had a few good shots almost showing it, but this one is by far the best of recent times and really shows Jennifer Aniston’s ass in a way that you can clearly see. Also not shown in the movie release was the outtake shot including Jennifer Aniston’s tits as she finished her walk. Of course Jennifer was really upset that some of these shots of her tits leaked out, and tried to sue. So what we missed in The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston’s ass showing we bring to you here.
jennifer aniston's tits in the break up

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