Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in The Break Up

Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in “The Break Up” Movie 2006

In the 2006 comedy “The Break Up” one of our favorite scenes of course is this scene in which Jennifer fresh out of the shower walks into the kitchen for a drink completely naked to “tease” her former boyfriend and lover Gary (Vince Vaughn). Strolling down the hallway and into the kitchen nude, Jennifer grabs a soft drink and then slowly strolls back into the bedroom. On the way back, we get a great shot of Jennifer Aniston’s ass as she saunters back.

Jennifer Aniston’s Ass in The Break Up is Not a Double

Jennifer swears that she did not use a “body double” in this scene of Jennifer Aniston’s ass because of the way it was shot and that it was made in a way that would have been hard to use a double. We’ve often imagined what Jennifer Aniston’s ass was like and have had a few good shots almost showing it, but this one is by far the best of recent times and really shows Jennifer Aniston’s ass in a way that you can clearly see. Also not shown in the movie release was the outtake shot including Jennifer Aniston’s tits as she finished her walk. Of course Jennifer was really upset that some of these shots of her tits leaked out, and tried to sue. So what we missed in The Break Up with Jennifer Aniston’s ass showing we bring to you here.
jennifer aniston's tits in the break up

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Jennifer Aniston Boobs in Rumor Has It

Jennifer Aniston Boobs are Caught in Side boob shot

jennifer aniston boobs in rumor has it

If you are a real Jennifer Aniston fan for sure you enjoyed Jennifer Aniston boobs in this short bedroom scene from “Rumor Has It”.  Jennifer gets up after crashing in the nude and as she slides out of the bed she slips on her sheer nightie but not quick enough to hide the Jennifer Aniston boobs that we have learned to love.

One of the best side view shots showing Jennifer Aniston boobs

We know it’s just a quick shot, caught here in a singe frame mode, but still you get a nice look at those Jennifer Aniston boobs and because these pics are stills from the movie “Rumor Has It” you can stare at them all you want (really, we won’t mind) as we love looking at Jennifer Aniston boobs all day long if we can. Although not known for exposing herself very much, you can see that in “Rumor Has It” she does give us a quick glimpse of those lovely Jennifer Aniston boobs.

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Jennifer Aniston Fakes – New

Some Hot New Jennifer Aniston Fakes

jennifer aniston fakes new jennifer aniston fakes

jennifer aniston fakes jacking off

new jennifer aniston fakes taking cum

These hot new Jennifer Aniston fakes just came across our desk today so we thought you would enjoy taking a look at them. Some really hot ones this time and they are pretty nice looking also. Jennifer Aniston fakes show up all the time, and we just don’t have room for them all, but we like to put up the nicest (raunchiest) ones that we feel our readers would enjoy.

New Jennifer Aniston Fakes Including Masturbation and Posing Nude

The first couple of Jennifer Aniston fakes show her in a cute “farm girl” looking outfit with some nice lacy see through panties and her tits hanging out of her jacket. Then we have another new Jennifer Aniston fakes showing what appears to be Jennifer Aniston masturbating and spreading her pussy lips while looking innocent as can be with her cute little “pigtails”.

The last two new Jennifer Aniston fakes are totally hardcore with Jen doing a little cock playing. The first one is her taking things into her own hands and grabbing a big hard cock with her hand ready to jack him off. The last is really outrageous as it shows Jen smiling as a huge load of cum shoots past her face. These are some of the most hardcore Jennifer Aniston fakes we have seen for awhile and although we know Jen is really a great gal, it is fun to take a look at these new Jennifer Aniston fakes whenever we can.

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Jennifer Aniston Naked Outdoors

jennifer aniston naked

Another one of my favorite naked pictures of Jennifer Aniston naked is this one where it looks like she just fell off of her favorite scooter or something. Can you just imagine driving along and getting a glimpse of Jennifer Aniston naked laying out like this totally naked? Hot!

I Mean Just Take a Look of This Picture of Jennifer Aniston Naked it’s Almost Real

The quality of this particular fake nude is really good and really looks like a real photo of Jennifer Aniston naked and  smiling as she exposes her naked tits and neatly shaved pussy to the world! And what’s that laying next to her? Is that part of her clothes or something? Did she take them off right before she fell?

Oh well it doesn’t matter as we just love Jennifer Aniston naked anyway right?

Of course I don’t know for sure if Jennifer Aniston does really shave her pussy as shown in this picture, but her tits do look about the right size, and the legs shown are nice although maybe not as nice as the actual Jennifer Aniston naked, but these aren’t too bad.


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Jennifer Aniston Nude

jennifer aniston nude

Well you came here for some pics of Jennifer Aniston nude, right?

Well, this is one of my favorites. Glamorous looking, and although it’s not actually Jennifer Aniston nude, it looks like it could be the real Jen posing for this one. The long perfect shaped legs remind me of how Jennifer Aniston nude might look. It’s a nicely shot picture and I love the “soft glow” about it.

This Picture of Jennifer Aniston Nude is so soft and sexy.

Can you just imagine Jennifer standing next to your bed wearing this soft and sexy nightie waiting for you to come to bed? That would be wonderful, but for now all we have is this picture of Jennifer Aniston nude to think about. She always looks hot and sexy in all her movies, and that’s why we think of Jennifer Aniston nude so much. In one of her newest movies “Just Go With It” she stripped down to a bikini and gave us a good look at her tight stomach and long legs as she jumped into the water, but it’s still not the same as seeing Jennifer Aniston nude is it?

I don’t think Jen’s boobs are quite that big, but we know she has a great body and I can just imagine her standing beside my bed tempting me with her gorgeous body.

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Jennifer Aniston in a Bikini and Dressed Up

'Management' New York Screening

A couple of shots of beautiful Jennifer Aniston in her normal life, and Jennifer Aniston in a bikini on vacation. Here we see her dressed up in a simple grey dress, pantyhose and almost matching shoes at an after party scouting out the fans on the red carpet. Looking extremely happy and healthy, Jennifer smiles at the crowd.

Jennifer Aniston in a bikini on Vacation

jennifer aniston in a bikini on vacation in florida

Next, we see Jennifer Aniston in a bikini relaxing on the beach taking a little time for herself. Wearing a regular string bikini Jennifer rubs down her somewhat pale skin with some suntan lotion. It looks as though no one around really cares that they have a celebrity in the sand with them on this day, let alone that it’s Jennifer Aniston in a bikini!

Of course Jennifer Aniston in a bikini always looks amazing

Because she always takes care of herself, Jennifer Aniston in a bikini is nothing to scoff at, but she looks good no matter what she is wearing. That’s why we wanted to show a picture of her dressed up as well as Jennifer Aniston in a bikini. With some of the greatest legs in the movies, even with not much of a tan, her long shapely legs look great as she slowly applies some sunblock.

Causal bystanders sometimes don’t recognize Jennifer Aniston in a bikini

I mean do you think you would recognize Jennifer Aniston in a bikini if you were on vacation and laying out at the beach on a very crowded day? Although this particular day doesn’t look too busy you can tell that the guy in the background doesn’t really care that he has Jennifer Aniston in a bikini sitting almost right next to him!

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Jennifer Aniston Topless in Pantyhose

jennifer aniston topless in pantyhose

Sexy and Relaxed Jennifer Aniston Topless Wearing Only Pantyhose

We know Jennifer Aniston has some long gorgeous legs, but imagine how she would look in some sexy sheer pantyhose topless! Ah yes, after coming home from a long hard day at work, you arrive to see a lounging Jennifer Aniston topless on the sofa only wearing some skin tight sheer pantyhose and that’s all! Jennifer Aniston topless lets her tits go free as she causally relaxes and reads a book waiting for you to arrive.

It’s Hard To Keep Your Eyes off of Jennifer Aniston topless on the sofa

You can’t keep your eyes off those long soft legs and they look even sexier in the tight sheer pantyhose, and your eyes then move up to her lovely naked tits and pink nipples as she gives you a smile and asks “how was your day honey?”  “Fine” you reply “but not as nice as I’m feeling right now” ! Ah yes that would be the day wouldn’t it? You just home from work, and Jennifer Aniston topless on the couch reading a book waiting for your return. “It’s warm out today” she says, “so I just got home and took off my skirt and top, but left on my pantyhose. Do you mind?” Of course you don’t mind because you have Jennifer Aniston topless to make this night and many more just what you had always dreamed of.

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Jennifer Aniston Upskirt With No Panties

jennifer aniston upskirt

Jennifer Aniston Upskirt is Really a Fake

There are pictures of many of the Sexy Celebrities climbing out of cars exposing their panties or maybe not wearing any underwear at all, but for us we can only imagine what a thrill it would be to get a shot of sexy Jennifer Aniston upskirt with her legs spread slightly open and exposing her shaved pussy for all to see!

Thinking of a good Jennifer Aniston upskirt photo

Ah well, this is just a dream and luckily for us we can visualize Jennifer Aniston sans panties because of people like those at FakeFantasy who come up with these hot fakes for us to drool over. This Jennifer Aniston upskirt looks hot, and seeing this with her skirt hiked up and no panties is just what we live for! After all, if we can’t dream, what is life all about? Thinking about sexy actress’s dressed up or nude is not a bad thing, it’s just part of life and when you think of a Jennifer Aniston upskirt photo, this is not a bad one to think of. Dressed up looking so nice like a night where she is ready for your date, you sit chatting on the couch next to her and then you get a glimpse as she causally spreads her legs just for a second and you notice that she is not wearing any panties this night! Now that is a nice Jennifer Aniston upskirt moment to remember!

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Jennifer Aniston See Through Shirt


Jennifer Aniston looking sweet and also very sexy while sitting on a swing wearing some hot denim short-shorts and sexy see-through blouse. You can see the outline of Jennifer Aniston’s boobs through the shirt and can see the outline of her dark nipples.


Another shot of Jennifer on the same swing set showing more of her perfect long legs and that oh so sweet smile. Wearing the same see-through shirt with it only tied together down as low as her stomach gives us a glimpse of her sexy boob cleavage as she is obviously not wearing anything underneath.

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Wet See Through Dress

jennifer aniston in see through dress

Jennifer Aniston posing under a waterfall in a very skimpy (and thin) beige dress. You can clearly see the shape of her boobs and the color and size of her nipples in this picture and almost can see where Jennifer’s crotch starts to appear. Looking as sweet and as beautiful as ever the sexy side of Jennifer still comes through. Photo supplied by Famous MILF more hot over 40 celebrities than you will ever need at this one site!

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